F. Gerard Moeller, M.D.


F. Gerard Moeller, M.D.

Department: Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology

Phone: (804) 828-4134

Email: frederick.moeller@vcuhealth.org

203 East Cary Street, Suite 202
Richmond, Virginia 23219


  • M.D. University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston, 1985
  • Internship & Residency in Psychiatry: University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio, 1986-1988
  • Fellowship in Clinical Psychopharmacology Research: University of California San Diego, 1988-1990

Research interests

Our research group uses magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to study the neurobiology of behavior as a tool for medication development. We combine brain imaging with human behavioral laboratory research and clinical trials in patients with addictions. We have had continuous funding for our research from NIH since 1996.

In addition to addictions, we are also interested in studying other conditions in which impulsivity plays a role, such as traumatic brain injury, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, and binge eating. We have active ongoing collaborations in the Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Psychiatry, Obstetrics, and Pharmacology.

Selected publications 

Moeller, F.G., Barratt, E.S., Dougherty, D.M., Schmitz, J.M., Swann, A.C. Psychiatric aspects of impulsivity. American Journal of Psychiatry 158:1783-1793, 2001. PMID: 11691682

Lane S.D., Moeller, F.G., Steinberg, J.L., Buzby, M., and Kosten, T.R. Performance of cocaine dependent individuals and controls on a response inhibition task with varying levels of difficulty. Am J Drug Alcohol Abuse 33:717-726, 2007 PMID: 17891664

Swann, A.C., Lijffijt, M., Lane, S.D., Steinberg, J.L., Moeller, F.G. Trait Impulsivity and Response Inhibition in Antisocial Personality Disorder. Journal of Psychiatric Research, 2009 Aug;43(12):1057-63. PMCID: PMC2716408

Liu, S., Lane, S.D., Schmitz, J.M., Waters, A.J., Cunningham, K.A. and Moeller, F.G. Relationship between attentional bias to cocaine-related stimuli and impulsivity in cocaine-dependent subjects. Am. J. Drug Alcohol Abuse 37:117-122, 2011. PMCID: PMC3110662.

Liu S., Lane S.D., Schmitz J.M., Green, C.E., Cunningham K.A. and Moeller F.G. Increased intra-individual reaction time variability in cocaine-dependent subjects: role of cocaine-related cues. Addict Behav. In press

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