Pharmacology and Toxicology and Neuroscience Ph.D. candidate, William D. Marks, was presented the “Outstanding Predoctoral Research Award” for his platform presentation at the 13th International conference of the International Society of Neurovirology (ISNV) in San Diego, CA (June 2-6, 2015).  Will’s talk entitled, “Selective vulnerability to HIV-1 Tat in a subset of CA1 hippocampal interneurons” described a subset of hippocampal interneurons that are selectively vulnerable to HIV, which define novel circuitry that may underlie deficits in memory and learning seen in HIV-infected individuals.  Will used morphologic, electrophysiologic, and behavioral approaches to unravel how HIV undermine central nervous system function and is currently exploring how opiate abuse further disrupts this interrelated network of interneurons in the Hauser lab.  His findings could provide clues about new therapeutic interventions for neurodegenerative disease and substance abuse.  Will’s presentation was chosen from the trainee abstracts to give a platform presentation and to receive the award by a panel of the International Society of Neurovirology.