Graduate students were invited to judge for the Iqra Academy Elementary School Science Fair.  This is the second year that VCU PharmTox students participated in the judging process for science projects from Grades 1-5. To see an album of pictures from this event, 

“I was impressed by the depth of understanding that many of the students had regarding their own projects. In some cases it was apparent that these students were clearly gifted.”
-Matthew Tracy

“The children at Iqra Academy were remarkably well-behaved. I was additionally impressed by their ability to go beyond just reciting their presentations, to actually answering difficult questions about the science, demonstrating a fundamental understanding.”
-Andrew D van der Vaart

“I greatly enjoyed my experience as a judge of science fair at Iqra academy. It was extremely joyful to see young kids enjoying the science, scientific ideas and developing into young scientists.  I was mainly impressed by the level of their scientific reasoning and the fundamental understanding beyond the projects they presented. The comfort level of students with their work and with the faculty and management was explicit, showcasing the great dedication of the faculties towards the development of the students. Overall it was a unique experience. I wish all the best to these young budding scientists which make me believe that the future of the science is in great hands.”
-Stuti Agarwal

“It was truly humbling to meet this many children, who prove that focus, determination and academic excellence are fundamental requirements to become a successful scientist! The creativity and analytical skills the students at the Iqra Academy showed initiative, maturity and critical thinking – qualities much valued in the field of research.”   -Ava Daneva

“This was my second year as a science fair judge at Iqra Academy and both experiences were truly enriching. I was particularly impressed by the students’ eloquence and enthusiasm when answering our tough questions. They taught me so many new things! Thank you!”
-Catherine Bell

“I was so impressed last year when I first served as a judge that I couldn’t miss another opportunity to interact with these children. I was fortunate enough to judge the same group of children, who are now one year older and their advancement in knowledge is incredible. It is clear that these kids are nurtured both in their classrooms and at home in order to foster such great minds. These children make the outlook on our future just a little bit brighter!”
-Jacy Jacob