Graduate Students Cleansweep Virginia Academy of Sciences meeting

Virginia Academy of Sciences Awards
leffel-news First Place
Elizabeth K. Leffel
Advisor – Kimber White
The Role of Cadmium Toxicity in the Induction and Exacerbation of Autoimmunity in Two Rodent Models
anikwue-news Second Place
Rene Anikwue
Advisor – Sandi Welch
Chronic Cannabinoid Exposure Decreases the Efficacy and Potency of NSAIDs
inamdar-news Third Place
Kedar Inamdar
Advisor – Larry Povirk
Double-Stranded Break Bearing Cohesive 3’-Overhangs Requires Ku but not DNA-PKes
cox-news Honorable Mention
Melinda L. Cox
Advisor – Sandi Welch
The Role of Endogenous Opioids in the THC-Induced Antinociception
stoller-news Honorable Mention
Dawn C. Stoller
Advisor – Forrest Smith
Buprenorphine Substitution Ameliorates Spontaneous Withdrawal in Morphine-Dependent Rat Pups