Anthony Ambrose Award

The Anthony Ambrose Award for the best graduate student is made possible by a generous gift to the Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology by Mrs. Ambrose to honor her husband, Dr. Anthony Ambrose. Dr. Ambrose was a longtime faculty member who brought to the department a wealth of information gained from a lifetime of pharmacological and toxicological investigations.

All students who have successfully completed both their written and oral comprehensive exams during the last two times the exams were offered are eligible. The award includes a plaque and $1,000.

Lesley Schurman
Adviser: Aron Lichtman
O'Brien Lesley
Rachel Enga
Adviser: Patrick Beardsley
Rachel Enga
Julie Bonano
Adviser: Steve Negus
Julie Suyama-Bonano  Ambrose2014AkbaraliBonano
Sarah Snider
Adviser: Patrick Beardsley
Sarah Snider
Justine Abais
Adviser: Pin-Lan Li
Justine Abais
Megan O’Brien
Adviser: Michael Miles
Megan O'Brien Megan O'Brien and Dr. Dewey
Divya Ramesh
Adviser: Aron LichtmanFar right:
with Joel Schlosburg,
winner of 2010
Woods award
Divya Ramesh Divya Ramesh & Joel Schlosburg (Woods award)
Peter Nguyen
Adviser: Laura Sim-Selley
Peter Nguyen Peter Nguyen
Joel Schlosburg
Adviser: Aron Lichtman
Joel Schlosburg Joel Schlosburg
Scott Lawrence
Adviser: Richard Moran
Scott Lawrence
Joint Winner
R. Philip Yeager
Adviser: Les Satin
Phil Yeager
Joint Winner
Christopher Sheth
Adviser: Kimber White
Chris Sheth
Denise Hernandez
Adviser: Kimber White
Denise Hernandez Denise Hernandez, K. White
Joint Winner
Laxmikant Deshpande (LD)
Adviser: Robert DeLorenzo
Laxmikant Deshpande (LD) R. DeLorenzo with two winners
Joint Winner
Kristini Miles
Adviser: Joe Ritter
Winner Kristini Miles Joint winners, Winner Kristini Miles and Laxmikant Deshpande
Sarah Compton
Adviser: David Gewirtz
Sarah Compton
Julie L. Bronder
Adviser: Richard Moran
Julie L. Bronder Julie L. Bronder Adviser: R. Moran
John Andreassi
Adviser: Richard Moran
John Andreassi R. Moran and John Andreassi
Diana Cichewicz
Adviser: Sandi Welch
Diana Cichewicz
1997 Suzanne Thornton Adviser: Forrest Smith
1996 Kristy D. Lake Advisers: George Kunos and K. Varga
1995 Stacie A. Cook Adviser: Billy Martin
1994 Michael S. Orr Adviser: David Gewirtz
1993 Anthony R. Schatz Adviser: Norm Kaminski
1992 Amy K. Stout Adviser: John Woodward
1991 Leigh Ann Burns Adviser: Al Munson
1990 Dale L. Morris Adviser: Mike Holsapple
1989 Joyce Willetts Adviser: Robert Balster
1988 Helen G. Haggerty Adviser: Mike Holsapple
1987 Kerry Campbell Adviser: Al Munson