Elizabeth Eustis Turf, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Elizabeth Eustis Turf, Ph.D.

Department: Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology

Phone: (804) 828-1797

Fax: (804) 828-1532

Email: elizabeth.eustisturf@vcuhealth.org

1000 East Clay Street
Box 980524
Richmond, Virginia 23298-0524


  • Wayne State University, 1985

Research interests

As an epidemiologist, I collaborate with other researchers to design and implement human research studies. For the past 10 years I have worked in such areas as youth tobacco use, evaluation for mental health and substance abuse services and review of the use of television for health education.

I worked with a group of VCU faculty to bring the Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship Program to VCU and served as the education coordinator for the fellows for four years. I have also been very involved in the design, development and conduct of the International Programme in Addiction Studies, a tri-partite graduate program leading to an M.S. in addiction studies. This program is a true collaboration in which VCU works with King’s College London and the University of Adelaide to offer a completely online program to disseminate the latest information regarding addiction treatment, prevention and policy worldwide. There are currently more than 30 students enrolled in the program, and they represent many different countries, both developed and developing.

My current research involves prevention of consequences associated with substance misuse in Virginia. I am the lead epidemiologist on a five-year Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration collaborative project entitled “Applying a Strategic Prevention Framework (SPF) to develop state-level infrastructure target parallel development in selected high-need communities.” Review of statewide data indicated that Virginia has a higher than expected level of binge drinking and motor vehicle crashes with alcohol-impaired drivers ages 15 to 24, so we are now planning for distribution of funds to communities with high evidence of need. This is funded through a subgrant from the Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services.

Selected publications

Kennedy MG, Turf EE, Wilson M, Huang GC, Wells K and Woodley P. (2011) Effects of viewing and of feeling transported by a television drama about environmental exposure to toxic substances. Public Health Reports. May/June.

Vieweg WV, Hasnain M, Lesnefsky EJ, Turf EE and Pandurangi AK. (2010) Assessing the presence and severity of depression in subjects with comorbid coronary heart disease. The American Journal of Medicine. 123(8):683-90.

Lu J, Marmarou A, Lapane K, Turf E and Wilson L. (2010) A method for reducing misclassification in the extended Glasgow outcome score. Accepted for publication in The Journal of Neurotrauma. 27(5): 843-852.

Corona R, Turf EE, Corneille MA, Belgrave FZ and Nasim A. (2009) Risk and Protective Factors for Tobacco Use among 8th and 10th Grade African American Students in Virginia. Preventing Chronic Disease. 6(2):1-10.

Harris SA, Urton A, Turf E and Monti MM. (2009) Fish and shellfish consumption estimates and perceptions of risk in a cohort of occupational and recreational fishers of the Chesapeake Bay. Environmental Research. 109(1):108-115.

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