Room reservations
To reserve the McGuire 332 conference room, please go to McGuire 332 and enter your reservation in the date book.

To reserve the McGuire 100D conference room, please contact Laura Johnson or Sheryol Cox.

Instrument reservations
Note: When making a reservation, please use the following format: (on July 4 or Dec. 25). Do not use the start/end time boxes and do not change color options as this can cause the system to crash. Any entry not in compliance will be deleted.

Confocal microscope reservation
(Contact: Dr. Sim-Selley,
To reserve the use of the confocal microscope, please visit

Inverted microscope reservation
(Contact: Dr. Gewirtz,
To reserve the use of the inverted microscope, please visit

Odyssey imaging system
(Contact: Dr. Akbarali,
To reserve the use of the Odyssey Imaging System, please visit

Isoflurane anesthesia delivery system
(Contact: Dr. Brunzell,

Please note: Individual laboratories are responsible for supplying their own isoflurane anesthesia and O2 tank and replacing filters.

To reserve the use of the isoflurane delivery system, please visit