Poster printing

The department has a large-format printer available for members that can be used to print posters for meetings. There is currently no charge for this service. Posters may be printed on semi-gloss photographic paper, Tyvek (does not tear) or satin cloth (foldable – reserved for flying to meetings).

If you are interested in having a poster printed, please email David Stevens a few days in advance. Please follow the guidelines below:

  1. Posters must be submitted no less than two working days before they are needed.  Posters by students must be approved by advisers.
  2. PowerPoint is the preferred format, since it can be edited. We will make spelling corrections and minor changes in format. Major changes in format will be returned to you for approval, or may require resubmission.
  3. Please be sure to format your PowerPoint file either half-size or full size, with respect to the final desired size. We will not print files submitted as letter-size documents. It is your responsibility to follow the poster guidelines of your meeting. If you are not submitting a full-size file, please specify the size.
  4. Use of VCU (and other) logos is encouraged; however, please do not alter them, as they are protected by copyright. See VCU Brand Standards.
  5. Edward Ishac, Ph.D., has designed a poster template for department use. Several further points concerning design are included in the text of the template; we encourage you to read it. Please feel free to change the template in any way.

Design points (Good science deserves the following)

  • Be sure all fonts are legible. This applies inclusively to graph and figure legends and axis labels. Do not crowd your axis labels. Lines on graphs (including axes) should be at least one point wide at final size.
  • Be consistent in design. This applies particularly to graphs.
  • Leave sufficient white space. Do not space lines and paragraphs too closely. Consider using left justification only (not aligning both edges of text).
  • Be concise. A poster is not a full-length paper. If you have contact information on your poster, then you do not need to give details of method. Consider using a QR code to give your contact information.